Takutai St

We were thrilled to be involved in this three home development based in Parnell undertaken by Architect Robyn Bilkey and her husband Alan.

The modern contemporary design made the most of the steep sight with sea views.
Constructed with concrete and cedar these homes required attention to detail as did the interiors which were constructed with Tasmanian oak details and ceilings.

Parnell House

Situated in the heart of Parnell, our team had the privilege of constructing a sophisticated residence meticulously designed by Robyn Bilkey Architect. The architectural vision was to optimise the potential of the inner-city site, and through a meticulous blend of modern aesthetics and functionality, we brought this vision to life. The utilization of tilt panels and cedar not only lends a contemporary allure to the structure but also creates an inviting ambiance. Each element of the design was thoughtfully considered to enhance the overall living experience, seamlessly integrating the home with its urban surroundings. The result is a dwelling that not only stands as a testament to innovative design but also serves as a welcoming sanctuary in the midst of the vibrant Parnell neighbourhood.

Opito Bay

The Opito Bay project is a stunning example of modern coastal living. Designed by the renowned architects at Turner Road, this seaside boat house stands as a testament to the beauty of its surroundings. The house was thoughtfully crafted to house the Sealegs boat and also provide luxurious accommodation. The cedar exterior, meticulously detailed, adds a touch of uniqueness to the design. For the perfect finishing touch, barn-style doors were crafted with precision by CG Doors in Morrinsville, and the macrocarpa wood was sourced from Cypress Sawmill, just 20 minutes north of Auckland.

This unique build was completed during the challenging Covid-19 times. The dedicated team at LBG Builders worked tirelessly to navigate delays and ensure the project was completed to our highest standards. Despite the adversity, the owners faced the challenges with resilience and now delight in their finished boat house.

Opito Bay is an exquisite example of quality craftsmanship and serves as a stunning reminder of LBG Builders’ ability to make even the most creative visions a reality.
photos by Fern Vison

Leigh Home

This remarkable home stands as one of our earliest projects, and we are profoundly grateful to Megan for entrusting us with this intricate endeavour. Originally a barn frame, it underwent a remarkable transformation into a modern home well ahead of its time. The visionary design was Megan’s own, and she also took charge of the interior design, curating furnishings all the way from France.
During the construction of her dream home, Megan generously shared her extensive corporate wisdom, mentoring both Brett and me. Her insights played an instrumental role in shaping the building company we have become today.
Working alongside Megan was an absolute pleasure, and our memories of this unique collaboration will forever hold a special place in our hearts.


Nestled on the sun-drenched side of Queenstown, boasting breathtaking vistas of the town below, this project was a true delight for the LBG Builders team. Our team’s temporary relocation to Queenstown and Brett’s back-and-forth commute allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the charm of this popular tourist destination.
This was no ordinary project. It involved intricate excavations of schist stone to lay the foundations, and the house was meticulously designed to capture panoramic views from every room while seamlessly blending with the rugged landscape when admired from across Lake Wakitipu.
The endeavour was a thrilling experience, with the project itself becoming a testament to the beauty of the region and the craftsmanship of our team.

Cooks Beach Holiday Home

LBG Builders is proud to present the Cooks Beach Holiday Home, a charming and beautiful contemporary holiday home. Built with the utmost care, this stunning estate offers a special location and a unique environment in the countryside.

The contemporary style is richly inspired by the area’s natural beauty with its cedar parapets, porch detailing and large modern windows, all of which allow the occupant to enjoy the scenic views of the surrounding landscape.

The end product is a truly wonderful architectural piece designed by Studio 77, that offers a sophisticated, yet cozy charm. The attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship of the LBG Builders team combine to create a property that is top-notch in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

photos by Fern Vison

Beach House Buckleton’s Beach

This Buckletons Beachhouse is a stunning architectural masterpiece located on a prominent headland location that offers unsurpassed gulf and harbour views to Kawau Island and beyond. The house is constructed from concrete, steel and glass, and is divided into two pavilions for living and sleeping. The polished concrete aggregates, texture and patterning create a solid and enduring look. The neutral interiors provide an inviting backdrop, while the native timbers salvaged from the seashore and eclectic collections personalize and connect to the heart. The splashes of red from New Zealand’s native pacific pohutukawa tree represent the Christmas flower of joy and celebration – a client favourite. Originally briefed as a weekend retreat, the energy of the home has enticed the owners to move in permanently. The LBG team really enjoyed the challenge building this home presented and were proud to see the chopsticks bring the build to life. The house was designed by Pacific Environment Architects and the photos were taken by Lucy Gauntlett.

Takutu Road

We are absolutely thrilled to have had the opportunity to construct this stunning house. It exudes an exceptional sense of style, showcasing a fantastic interior decor with a remarkable flow throughout. The interior design is a tribute to the owners sense of style and vision and was masterfully put together by her. The building was designed by the esteemed Pacific Environment Architects, the house stands as a testament to their impeccable craftsmanship and innovative vision. The seamless integration of aesthetics and functionality is truly noteworthy. The LBG team enjoyed contributing to the creativity in this home with details such as insitu concrete walls, extensive cedar detailing and rustic front door. It sets a new standard for sophisticated and elegant living, making it a true masterpiece in every sense.
Photos by Lucy G

Whitianga Waterways

We were asked to build this fantastic home in the Whitianga Waterways while we were still based in Auckland. We were commuting from Auckland to the build and realized that Whitianga was perfect for our business and family, and we decided to make this charming town our home.

Building this house was a big project that required a lot of collaboration with subcontractors and suppliers. We’re proud of the quality and craftsmanship that went into building this remarkable Whitianga home. We know that building a new home can be stressful, so we made sure to communicate with our clients every step of the way. We believe that open and honest communication is the key to providing our clients with peace of mind and ensuring that their home is built to the highest standards of excellence.
Working closely with the homeowners to transform their vision into a tangible reality was a mutually rewarding experience. Brett thoroughly enjoyed his shopping excursions with the client to purchase all the fittings and decor. We’re grateful for the opportunity to have contributed to the realization of our client’s dream home.
photos by Fern Vison